Blogging on Employment and Job Markets in US Metro Areas

Metro Area April 2017 Nonfarm Payroll Update

Of the nation’s 51 largest metro areas (those with populations of a million or more as of the 2010 census), this table shows the large metro areas with the top 10 year-on-year growth rates in nonfarm payroll employment as of April:

Metro areas - top 10 nonfarm payroll employment growth rates - April 2017
For comparison, the national year-on-year growth rate of nonfarm payroll employment was 1.45% as of April 2017, and was 1.85% as of April 2016. All of these metro areas have seen the rate of employment growth drop from a year earlier, though their growth rates are still well above the national average. Note that Orlando, Florida has the highest rate of employment growth, and did as of April 2016, too. Also note that all of these metro areas are in the South or the West.

Of the largest metro areas, only five saw no growth or negative growth compared to a year earlier:

Metro areas with zero or negative nonfarm payroll employment growth April 2017
New Orleans is the only large metro area to have experienced negative year-on-year employment growth in both April 2017 and April 2016. The other four metro areas to post negative year-on-year employment growth as of April 2017 saw decent employment growth a year earlier. At 1.92%, Rochester, New York was above the national employment growth rate of 1.85% as of April 2016.

Here’s a table showing for all 51 large metro areas year-on-year growth for nonfarm payroll employment for April 2017 and April 2016, as well as rankings, sorted by the April 2017 growth rate:
Metro area year-on-year nonfarm payroll employment growth April 2017