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June 2017 Nonfarm Payroll Update

With the release of June nonfarm payroll (NFP) numbers, it is time of an update of our chart of year-on-year employment growth: June’s NFP employment was up 2.2 million from a year earlier, an increase of 1.5%. This marks the 88th month of consecutive year-on-year growth (for comparison, the 1990s expansion saw 111 months of… Read more »

May 2017 Nonfarm Payroll Update

As of May nonfarm payroll employment was 146.7 million (this is the preliminary figure from the BLS, and most likely will be adjusted in the coming months), an increase of 2.2 million from a year earlier. In percentage terms, this is an increase of 1.5% from a year earlier. May marks the 81st consecutive month… Read more »

Metro Area April 2017 Nonfarm Payroll Update

Of the nation’s 51 largest metro areas (those with populations of a million or more as of the 2010 census), this table shows the large metro areas with the top 10 year-on-year growth rates in nonfarm payroll employment as of April: For comparison, the national year-on-year growth rate of nonfarm payroll employment was 1.45% as… Read more »

Metro Area Job Growth in 2016

With the release of metro area nonfarm payroll employment figures for December, we can compare the rate of job growth over the course of 2016. The table below shows the top 10 rates of 2016 job growth for metro areas with populations greater than 1 million (as of the 2010 census), and the change in… Read more »

December 2016 Nonfarm Payroll Update

With the BLS release of December nonfarm payroll (NFP) numbers we can compare 2016 job growth to that of 2015. First, though let’s take a look at year-on-year (YoY) changes since 1990: While the economy continues to add jobs, the rate is slowing: 2.03 million in 2016 compared to 2.79 million in 2015. In percentage… Read more »

June 2016 Nonfarm Payroll Update

The release of June nonfarm payroll (NFP) numbers was greeted with headlines such as “Job Growth Surged in June.” Of course, that surge was in comparison to May. The month-on-month changes can be quite volatile, and for that I reason I prefer to look at year-on-year (YoY) changes. June’s NFP employment was up 2.5 million… Read more »